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Helping you design and build digital services, support and manage cloud migration, provide digital and data experts, coaching and capability development

Design & build digital services

We design and build digital services that meet the Government Digital Services (GDS) Service Standard.

Following the Government Digital Services (GDS) Service Manual, we work in an agile, iterative way. We consider the holistic environment of a service, understanding journeys as sequenced user actions, the touchpoints interacted with (on and offline), the artefacts required / created, and systems behind the scenes.

We conduct research throughout, considering all people affected by the service to understand user needs and business goals. We collaborate to create feasible, viable solutions that achieve user needs, which we prototype and iterate based on evidence.

How we can help:

Service & interaction design

Research & analysis

Content design

Product & delivery management

Solutions architecture


User centred design is an iterative, evolutionary process that involves users from the outset to learn about their needs. This ensures evidence-based, successful outcomes that achieve user needs and business goals.

- Andrew Millar, User Centred Design Lead


How we work with you at each phase of delivery



Starting with a Discovery, we will research user needs and take a user centric design approach to develop the service. Learning about the policy intent and understanding any constraints, we will uncover the opportunities that we can take forward into Alpha.



Moving to Alpha we will prototype and test our emerging ideas and assumptions with ongoing research, analysis and prioritisation. We use the GDS Design system and will make sure Accessibility, cyber security, live service operation and all elements of the service, including non-digital journeys, are considered.  Working in the open and focusing on the wider user journey we will ensure that it is right to proceed before moving to Beta



Starting with a Private Beta, we will focus on a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) prioritising having a working service as soon as possible. Our experience is that user research can be more detailed at this stage as users are more engaged with a working service.  Learning from our users we will iterate and improve in preparation for an assessment and our move into Public Beta.



Running and managing live services sustainably will include ongoing development to the service, with regular research and releases to ensure that it continues to meet user needs, is tested for accessibility and meets the quality assurance standard.

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