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Building Better: New Permanent Opportunities in Talent Consulting

Talent Consulting aims to build better, bolder, inclusive public services. We design and build end-to-end Digital Services to meet user needs. We provide people and teams to develop and manage live systems, using the latest technology. Our people and teams are experienced at designing and building digital services to meet the GDS Service Standards.

Operating in an agile environment allows us to develop a user-centric design approach to developing these systems as well as provide coaching, upskilling and capability development. We support and manage cloud migration, optimisation and live service management. Using teams of experienced Technical Experts and Architects with significant experience across central Government and the NHS.

To build these services, Talent Consulting has begun recruiting a permanent team. Starting previously with Jason Sims as Head of Product, we are continually building our team. Talent Consulting has assigned Richard Parkins as Head of Architecture. During his career, Richard has spanned many industries – Software Development, System Development, Web Design, Consulting for the likes of Easy Jet, Cloud Computing for Compare the Market and being a Lead Architect for Tesco. Richard brings years of experience and expertise to his role at Talent Consulting.

Richard said: “I'm delighted to now be part of the team at Talent. I am hoping to bring some of those ideas to the way we work by building a permanent team of developers we can deploy into our current and new projects. Defining a set of standards, both in architecture and development, forming a high performing team that will work to those high standards.

I am very excited to be here, Talent has a great team of people who have made me very welcome and are doing some excellent work and I hope to be part of the continued success story going forward.”

Sarah Bellis, Managing Director of Talent’s Public Sector said “It gives me great pleasure to welcome Richard to Talent Consulting. Our specialism has always been within the Architecture, Cloud and Development space but Richard’s experience will help take us to the next level

I’m excited to have him on board and he is already making a significant difference to the solutions we are offering our clients”.

Talent Consulting is always looking to build better, we are always looking for like-minded professionals to join our growing team - if you are interested in any roles or positions you can contact us through job boards on our website or through emailing

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