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Lead DevOps Engineer

19+ years

Lead DevOps Engineer with 19 years’ experience in the IT industry across Public and Private Sectors. Roles have encompassed all areas of the project lifecycle, from planning and design through to service operations actively serving a LIVE customer base. Roles have also spanned a number of different technology areas including Architecture, Engineering, Data Centre, Infrastructure, Applications, Database, Integration, Tooling, Migration, Cloud (Azure, AWS) and DevOps.

Professional Skills:

  • Public Cloud, Private Cloud & Hybrid Cloud (across Azure, AWS, GCP & OCI).

  • .Net, SQL PaaS

  • Architecture

  • Engineering/Development

  • DevOps

  • Database Administration

  • Infrastructure

  • SysAdmin

  • Data Centre

  • Storage

  • Security

  • Networking

  • Big Data

  • Budget Management/FinOps

Department for Education

Lead DevOps Engineer on the following projects:

  • DfE CPC Platform Simplification: Wide ranging project focusing on the DfE’s root Azure tenant/top level platform which included simplifying/reducing costs for satellite networking to the other child tenant’s (replacing ExpressRoute with SDWAN), designing and building ARM templates to spin up repeatable Palo Alto Firewall and Panorama management builds as part of the firewall replacement project and also designing and building power BI dashboards to help the DfE visualise their security posture and areas for improvement.

  • DfE Family Hubs: Project to design and build a National Service Directory to help people find local services and for professionals (from Local Authorities/Voluntary Community Services) to refer members of the public to community services for which they are eligible in their area. All applications are written in .NET, with infrastructure on Azure spun up via Terraform.  Database technology is SQL PaaS. DevOps project/capability hosted on Azure DevOps

Lead Architect on the following projects:

  • SWAAS & CPD: Project to design and build a solution whereby Social Workers can take their professional assessments remotely if needed and also, track their career development and goals.

Public Sector Experience:

Working in the NHS Domain for over 10 years’, including both working for private sector suppliers contracted to the NHS whilst also working for the NHS itself directly. Have also worked with many Local Authorities/Councils. Clients include DVSA & GBRail.

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