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Senior Software Engineer

20+ years

Senior Software Engineer with over 20 years’ experience of developing bespoke business critical systems for large public and private sector clients. Experience in the full life cycle of the product, as well as Azure and Ubuntu VPS. Experience with Agile including Scrum, JIRA and Kanban boards, and Test Driven Development.

Professional Skills
  • C#, Managed C++, MEF, Task Parallelism, WinForms, Wpf/MVVM, Silverlight, VSTO, Linq, lamda expressions, WCF, WCF Dataservices, Entity Framework, Dapper, Peta Poco, .Net Framework (all versions include core)

  • Asp.Net Web API / MVC (including Core), Kendo UI, Bootstrap, Font Awesome, Asp.Net Web Forms

  • Xamarin Mobile

  • SQL Server 2008 onwards, MySQL, Postgresql, MongoDB

  • C#, C / C++ (MFC, WTL, COM+) , Typescript, Javascript/JQuery, HTML, CSS, Java, Objective C.

  • Visual Studio (Versions 5 – to latest version inclusive), Microsoft TFS Online, Sourcesafe, Subversion, Git, SQL Server Management Studio, Visual Studio Code

DfE Experience

Family Hubs – Design and build of a National Service Directory to help people find local services and for professionals (from Local Authorities/Voluntary Community Services) to refer members of the public to community services for which they are eligible in their area.  Working on both Front End GDS compliant pages and back end microservice APIs. The API projects were originally developed using the Steve Smith Clean Architecture Pattern. This project went all the way from Alpha to full release to the general public.

Education & Skills Funding Agency – Worked on one of the teams adding additional test coverage.

Public Sector Experience 


Private Sector Experience 

20 years’ experience of working across a range of private sector industries including logistics, Construction Mobile and Media.

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